EFA VENTURES  (a member Company of EFA GROUP), is currently expanding its business activities, and proudly announces the commencement of its cooperation with G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A., for the provision of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services (MRO), as well as the upgrading of aerial means for the Defense & Security sectors, based at the G.A.’s heliport facilities in Koropi and in Pachi Airport in Megara. To this end, EFA VENTURES and G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A., will collaborate with the best and most cost-efficient USA and European aircraft operators, which service a large amount of different helicopter and airplane platforms.

G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A. has an excellent track record providing maintenance services for various types of civil aircraft, and has the necessary equipment and infrastructure for their full technical support, while in parallel, has developed a very good relationship and cooperation with the most reputable repair companies and foreign operators in Europe and America. Apart from Greece, G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A. currently provides its services in other countries such as in the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. Its turnover from services in foreign countries is about 50%.

EFA VENTURES, on the other hand, has an extensive experience in the implementation of industrial cooperation projects related to Aerospace and Defense (A&D), but also with civil helicopter related projects (such as the recent firefighting program which was signed for a 3+2 year agreement with the NATO Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA). In addition, EFA VENTURES supports the global activities of the EFA GROUP in more than 50 countries, as well as the industrial partnerships of major global Aerospace & Defense Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The intention for both companies, is to focus their cooperation mainly on the provision of (MRO) Services and Upgrades of aerial means, with emphasis on the European and Middle East-North Africa regions, while in parallel, to maintain the same support for the platforms of the Greek Armed and Security Forces as well.

G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A., following the extensive investments made at its facilities in Koropi (>33,000m²) and at Pachis Airport in Megara with its 1,700m² hangar equipped with the most modern equipment for the service of civil aerial means, such as for: AIRBUS, BELL, LEONARDO & ROBINSON Helicopters as well as for: TEXTRON AVIATION (Cessna & Beechcraft), CIRRUS & DIAMOND Aircraft, is now delighted to start this new initiative with EFA VENTURES. We believe, along with our already identified foreign operators and EFA VENTURES’ global network and experience in related projects, we have the potential to put Greece in the global helicopter map as a regional hub of MRO helicopter services and upgrades” declared Stavros Kourletas, CEO of G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A.

“In recent years, EFA VENTURES has evolved from a technical, consulting company of industrial collaborations, to systems and platforms integrator in the demanding branch of Aerospace & Defense, undertaking the implementation of corresponding projects with emphasis on state-of-the-art technologies. The new collaboration with G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A. is fully in line with our current activities and our international experience in industrial partnerships. Furthermore, in the current era, as the interconnection of the increasing  operational capabilities and the roles of the existing aerial means and platforms is required with operational ground, air and sea systems, as well as the upgrading of related technological systems, this specific requirement opens a new door and for SCYTALYS, another member company of the EFA GROUP. The software design for the upgrading of aerial means by SCYTALYS, adds an added value to this initiative” said Mr. Nikos Papatsas, CEO of EFA VENTURES.

The President of EFA GROUP, Mr. Christian Hadjiminas, referring to EFA GROUP’s expansion of activities stressed: “We receive a climate of trust from the international community and that gives us the impetus to expand our horizons and diversify our portfolio, emphasizing on new cradles of innovation and “capitalizing” on our many years of expanded business in this field. We have already proved our dynamics worldwide, through the international export success of all member companies in EFA GROUP, especially with THEON SENSORS and SCYTALYS. We have always supported the added value and potential of Greece in the field of engineering (best value for money). This initiative proves our ambition to turn Greece into a Global Hub in the field of Aerospace & Defense”.

G.A. AVIATION SERVICES’ facilities in Koropi

G.A. AVIATION SERVICES’ facilities in Megara