Quantum 360° Camera with Artificial intelligence.  The Q360 camera streams live and records internally 360 video footage.


EFA GROUP is pleased to announce the setup of a new subsidiary company of THEON SENSORS, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, investing in DEFENDER LLC a start-up company, based in Maryland, Baltimore. The new strategic investment is expected further to increase the rapid growth of the Group and to reinforce its commitment towards further expansion in international markets.




The opening of ΤΗΕΟΝ SENSORS USA Inc., is an important milestone for the company on the path of expansion in the US market, which is the result of a series of successful co-operations with the last one being with  ESA- Night Vision (ex ΗARRIS Night Vision USA) and the joint-venture contract for the SBNVG solution towards the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The outcome of this tender is a 5-year IDIQ contract award, with more than 14,000 systems expected to be delivered. “The US market is a key market for THEON SENSORS. Through our new company we aim to further strengthen our growing presence in the US industry while developing new and advanced products in the field of night vision and optronics. The launch of new products will appeal to a larger scale of the US market users” explained Mr. Thomas Dakos, Theon Sensors’, President and Technical Officer.


Investment in DEFENDER LLC, USA


The strategic investment in DEFENDER LLC in the USA gives the opportunity for EFA GROUP to further expand its industrial activities in the defense and security area, meanwhile develop in fields of technology such as:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Analytics. The company aims not only to focus in the US market but in other international markets too. Regarding the international markets, production and distribution for Europe and the Middle East will remain in Greece.


DEFENDER is a start-up company, a systems developer of innovative digital application systems in Surveillance and Recognition (ISR) through visual/optical technologies with emphasis on live streaming of 360° video for exploitation by local and remote management and command centers.


DEFENDER’s leading-edge products are focused on the Security market segment offering solutions both to First Responders and Commercial users. “Quantum 360°” software, decodes video metadata and relays the live video stream from its exact location and orientation on the map in real time, significantly enhancing situational awareness for system operators. As a result, it is the ultimate camera for use in security technology, law enforcement and in other missions and ISR applications.

 “Quantum’s 360°” technological applications decode the remote view of objects with unlimited capabilities to possess and maintain complete Situational Awareness coupled with AI features (detection, geo-tagging, target acquisition etc.). The live streaming of the Quantum 360° camera’s Field of View, augmented by applications with embedded deep learning algorithms that include precise geo-registration of all objects within its view, provides unsurpassed spatial consciousness and data analytics to local and remote operators.


Although the company recently launched its operations, it has already been awarded a first contract by Southeast Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Baltimore to install cameras with surveillance, recording and analyzing data , to contribute to the security of the city.


“DEFENDER is in a constant industrial cooperation with the companies of EFA GROUP: THEON SENSORS, SCYTALYS and EFA VENTURES. It is an active cross collaboration with complimentary capabilities, with synergies, utilizing the know-how and principles among the parties that align and further strengthen EFA GROUP’s presence to support its international customers in strategically important business areas and the security and defense sectors. At the same time, we are developing the first 360°thermal imaging camera with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect thermal traces and automatically identify them, a product that is a global innovation with applications in autonomous vehicles, border guards and strategic installations. These actions strengthen the presence of EFA GROUP to support its international and domestic customers in strategically important operational areas”, said Mr. Nikos Papatsas, CEO of EFA VENTURES.


“Through the establishment of THEON SENSORS USA Inc. and our investment in DEFENDER LLC, our aim is to enter the US market. The international use of these new products will have a direct effect on the creation of production and distribution of jobs in Greece as well,” commented Mr. Christian Hadjiminas, President of EFA GROUP.


EFA GROUP consists of companies that have a leading-edge position in the international markets in the fields of aerospace, security, defense and industrial cooperation. EFA Group employs more than 240 people in total and has established itself as a leader in its field in more than 45 countries worldwide. EFA Group includes: THEON SENSORS (Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems), EFA Ventures (Industrial Cooperation Projects), SCYTALYS (Datalinks, Interoperability, Command & Control Systems), ES Systems (Sensors based mainly on MEMS and IoT), and the Epicos global B2B information platform for the ADHT Industries. www.efagroup.eu



7 Stratigi, 15451,

Psychiko, Athens-Greece
Τ: +30 210 6728610

Εmail: info@efagroup.eu

Site: www.efagroup.eu


Theon Sensors USA Inc

2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700

Arlington, VA 22201, USA

Site: www.theon.com


Defender LLC

1301 York Road

 Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093,USA

Site: https://defender-ai.com/


Quantum 360°  camera creates a digital copy of the actual scene allowing the user to be “teleported” virtually, in real time to different locations as if he was really there.

Digital parallel realities place the viewers to the desired scene on demand
expanding their sensory perception without space and time limitations -Quantum 360°

The Quantum Body Worn app live streams the action to remote command centers protecting the law enforcement officers and first responders.  At the same time, it records the footage for post mission analysis, debriefing and evidence creation.



Ascent Aerosystems’ “Spirit” drone uses the Quantum 360. Camera to locate missing people in search and rescue operations.