Dimitrios Karantzavelos, CEO of SCYTALYS, speaking at the web conference “NAVAL DEFENCE INNOVATION FORUM 2021” on the new program of frigates, the geostrategic parameter and the development of innovation, noted that the Greek government in the new geopolitical environment is rightly exercising multilateral armaments diplomacy, maintaining open channels of cooperation with various countries and defense industries.

The goal should be threefold: First, to strengthen the combat readiness of the Armed Forces to be able to meet the demands of the new geopolitical and geoeconomic environment.

Secondly, to leverage on a political level the armaments projects, for strengthening the country’s diplomatic position and consolidating strong alliances.

Third, for the national defense industry to undertake a high standards’ workshare, in collaboration with specialized companies, so that the new armaments expenditure can be turned into an investment that will contribute to the know-how transfer to Greece by upgrading its production capacity and increasing the national added value.

In other words, the country’s national defense strengthening can be at the same time an evolution with a developmental dimension. It may lead to the reorganization of the national defense industry, with positive implications for the economy, research, technology, innovation and many other areas. Of course, the above presuppose the full and without discounts compliance of the new armament systems with the operational requirements of the Greek Armed Forces. At the same time, interoperability in allied operations should be enhanced through the use of modern systems.

Therefore, the participation of domestic companies and state structures must be a prerequisite for any armaments program.

This opportunity should not be missed and an important armaments program such as that of the frigates should leave a strong mark on the Greek Defense Industry.

On the question what SCYTALYS, can expect from the program for the acquisition of new Frigates of the Hellenic Navy, Mr. Karantzavelos noted that the Greek Companies have remarkable products, internationally recognized, but also the corresponding specialized personnel to cope with complex programs such as the construction of the new Frigates of the Navy. Tactical Communications, Data Links, Management & Control Systems, Night and Thermal Vision Systems, interconnection and integration of subsystems, are some indicative areas in which the domestic industry has proven it can cover with quality results and competitive prices in relation to corresponding companies abroad.

Specifically for SCYTALYS, he emphasized that it is the first and UNIQUE company in Greece that offers MADE IN GREECE Data Links solutions, which ensure the interoperability between NATO protocols, such as LINK 11, LINK 16 and LINK 22. Given that the new Navy Frigates will require expanded interoperability, SCYTALYS can offer the appropriate solutions as well as future support, based on the operational requirements of the Navy.

A second sector, which SCYTALYS could very well offer its specialized knowledge in, is the hellenization/ parameterization of segments of the Combat Management System (CMS) software, based on the specific requirements of the Greek operational area.