From the fireside chat during DELPHI FORUM VI, of Christian Hadjiminas, VP of Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association & Chairman of EFA GROUP with the journalist Konstantinos Davlos, discussing the  importance of sustainable development for the competitiveness of the Greek enterprises.

The castle which must fall in order to have economic development is the one of the non-wage costs. For example,  for every 1€ increase for medium and high scaled employees, the  employer’s contribution  reaches about 3€. In this framework, Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE)  at its initial proposal insists for a 50% reduction in insurance and tax contributions provided that this equal amount is committed by each company to invest it in a period of 6-12 months. This will generate additional revenue, reduction of undeclared work, increase of investments and consequently revenues for state governments. Small and medium sized companies must expand the areas in which they operate, opening “doors” to investments outside of Greece. In this way, companies increase their exports but they also expand their investment both abroad and in Greece, since in order to improve export performance they need to hire more people to support operations at headquarters, in Greece.

Christian Hadjiminas - VI Delphi Economic Forum - From Recovery to Growth - YouTube