From the participation of Mr. Christian Hadjiminas VP, Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association and President, EFA GROUP, in the Delphi Economic Forum VI, panel title “Macro Trends and Transformation: The future of Industry”, with speakers: Nikolaos Karabateas, Deputy General Director, ElvalHalcor and Vicky Athanasiadou, Partner Deloitte Greece, and moderator Stamatis Zacharos:


“Manufacturing in Greece currently occupies 9% of GDP (unfortunately 4th last in the EU), but  has a 30% of employment as much as it is in the tourism and food & beverage sector.

The Recovery Fund is the “great opportunity” for Greece, for rapid growth and for a production model change. In order to achieve this, the monitoring and implementation processes must be done by private control mechanisms and  emphasis must be given on healthy companies. The necessary steps that need to be done, to boost industrial development are: immediate depreciation of mechanical equipment and the reduction of energy costs,  immediate reduction of non-wage costs (insurance and tax contributions) and a faster and more effective system in delivering justice”.