For EFA Ventures, being a responsible company amounts to ethical conduct in all aspects of business life; setting good standards in our transactions with each other as employees, no lesser than those that regulate our collaboration with our business partners, with consistent respect towards laws and regulations.
Trust and integrity form the basis of our business, since this is the only way to be reliable and trustworthy. We maintain sustainability in our business relations with partners, while directing our efforts at recruiting the best people.

Regulatory Framework

In EFA Ventures, as a company operating also in the field of Defense and Security, we conduct our business strictly in accordance with the required authorizations and licenses, and we comply with all laws, rules, and regulations. We are constantly trying to develop standards that encourage an ethical business culture throughout the EFA Group.


EFA Ventures is an ISO 9001 (TÜV NORD) and ISO 14001 (TÜV NORD) certified company.
EFA Ventures is a TRACE certified company.

TRACE has successfully completed a TRACE certification due diligence review of European Finance & Aerospace Ventures. TRACE has issued European Finance & Aerospace Ventures a certificate signifying that the company has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACE certification underscores European Finance & Aerospace Ventures SA’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

Information Safety

We use our company’s information professionally. This entails that we treat information with respect and in the light of protecting our company’s and our partners’ interests and reputation. Sensitive information is subject to certain confidentiality requirements and special protection.

Professional Standards

Since its establishment, EFA Ventures has focused on employing professionals with a high level of management and engineering skills, as well as solid and pertinent experience. We value personal improvement, that’s why we encourage constant learning through training programs & seminars.

Standards of Merit

Our policy on hiring, promotion, transfer, remuneration or termination of employment is based on the abilities, skills, and performance of the respective employee, pertaining to their assigned role and position.