The Quantum 360° Camera of DEFENDER LLC, an EFA GROUP member, has been successfully installed in the vehicles of the Baltimore Police Department and Law Enforcement Service, one of the most demanding security services in the United States, due to  the high crime rates it faces compared to the rest of the country.

These cameras, with surveillance, recording and data analysis system of the DEFENDER start-up company which is based in Baltimore-Maryland, were adapted to both vehicles and the Business Center of the Baltimore Police Department, fully upgrading the capabilities of the daily performed operations.

The Quantum 360° system, manufactured by THEON SENSORS, is a smart 360° optical imaging camera capable of sending live streaming video and metadata directly to remote locations, making it the ultimate technology for security, law enforcement or any other critical missions, even for ISR applications. Its software application decodes the video metadata and broadcasts a live video from the exact location and with map orientation in real time, significantly enhancing the situational awareness for the system operators. At the same time, the recordings are stored to be processed at any time needed.

“The performance of the Quantum 360° system has exceeded our expectations. We are excited with the possibilities it presents. Being able to receive data via a 360° live streaming video on a 24-hour basis, this system clearly brings a revolution. Our goal is the cameras to become the most essential tool for any public security service worldwide. Leading US companies have already approached us, considering the possibility working with us, while we are currently working on a request to develop this system for the public sector services in Washington’s metropolitan area” stated Mr. Derry Goberdhansingh, DEFENDER’s CTO.

“The new developments justify our decision, which we took months ago, to invest strategically as EFA GROUP in DEFENDER. The companies of our Group, THEON SENSORS, SCYTALYS and EFA VENTURES are in constant industrial cooperation with DEFENDER for the development of new versions and additional applications in autonomous vehicles, border guarding and strategic installations. Using the innovative sensor technologies of THEON SENSORS (night vision & thermal imaging cameras) and SCYTALYS’s software (Command & Control, and Communication Systems) we aim at integrated solutions of high-added value systems to strengthen international and domestic customers in strategically important business areas”, pinpointed Mr. Michalis Kolotos, Director of US Operations of THEON SENSORS.


EFA GROUP consists of companies that have a leading-edge position in the international markets in the fields of aerospace, security, defense and industrial cooperation. EFA GROUP employs more than 260 people in total, most of the scientists and engineers and has established itself as a leader in its field in more than 50 countries worldwide. EFA Group includes: EFA VENTURES (Industrial Cooperation Projects), THEON SENSORS (Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems), SCYTALYS (Datalinks, Interoperability, Command & Control Systems), DEFENDER (Panoramic Cameras and Image Analysis & Processing Systems),  ES SYSTEMS (Sensors based mainly on MEMS and IoT), and the EPICOS global B2B information platform for the ADHT Industries. More info at:




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