The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce organized with great success, on July 16th 2020,  the digital discussion entitled: “The Geopolitical Role of Greece as a Pillar of Stability and Cooperation: Serving as Deterrent Force in the Eastern Mediterranean”. The role of the defense industry, the strategic moves that must be made so that Greece can make efficient use of the opportunities offered by its geostrategic position, but also the strategic moves that will contribute to making the country an economically attractive destination for strategic investments, were the subject of a digital discussion involving prominent speakers from the political, academic and business communities.


Mr Nick Papatsas, CEO of EFA VENTURES, among other remarks, underlined the following: “Greek Defense Industry can determine the future of the country. Not only it benefits the development of the defense sector, but it also strengthens its economic activity, scientific and technological growth. The goal of the country’s defense industry must have a multiplier added value. There are many examples of Greek companies that have managed to become leaders in their field. We have the knowledge, the ability, and the potential to reach industrially advanced countries. We must have the ambition and the goal to turn Greece into a global hub in the field of Aerospace & Defense. What is required is a closer cooperation between the Ministry of National Defense and the Greek Defense Industry, a targeted and long-term planning, development of innovative products, efficient utilization of human resources and an aggressive and well planned export policy”.


You can watch here the digital discussion.