EFA Ventures is a cutting-edge turn-key projects support provider offering a range of specialized services in industrial participation and technical advisory for the Aerospace, Defense, Security and High Technology markets.
With more than 20 years of experience and a wide international network of partner companies, EFA Ventures operates on an international scale in more than 40 countries around the world. It supports its customers and partners on a turn-key basis with a broad range of services which focus on market strategy, planning, technologies and operations, logistics support, project management, international business research and advisory, as well as design and development of digital industrial services.
At the same time, EFA Ventures, as part of EFA GROUP, is set on creating strategic alliances with other entities, both on a national and international scale, thereby broadening the spectrum of its activities while building its capabilities for technology, logistics support, maintenance and platform upgrade projects.

Our integrated industrial services include:

  • Sustaining economic opportunities for national and international assets through industrial participation projects
  • Strategic planning, enhancement or/and expansion of a contractor’s supplier base
  •  Creating Technology and tailored services for our clients’ challenges
  •  Identifying structure, bringing insights & business opportunities to our clients, in both mature and emerging markets
  • Guiding on product, commercial and competitive strategies to enable business to drive long-term profitable growth
  • Supporting partnerships and governments’ objectives around the world
Man is the measure of all things

Protagoras, Ancient Greek philosopher

In EFA Ventures, our people are “the measure of all things”, therefore, ever since our establishment, we have focused on employing professionals with a high level of managerial and engineering skills, relevant working experience, but also with the right set of values and the ambition to grow alongside the company.

We work with our customers and partners to develop program solutions that meet their needs and objectives. Our team of industry, financing and legal experts allows us to provide integrated solutions for programs around the world. With years of work experience and deep comprehensive knowledge on aerospace, defense and security procurement processes and procedures, industrial participation policies, government rules and regulations, national and international businesses, we are in the unique position to understand emerging business opportunities and help our customers achieve their goals.